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8/30/2012: General Meeting


6:00pm – General Meeting

  • Welcome
    • Announcements:
      • Kraft sponsorship
      • School of Music sponsorship (audition space)
      • Insider’s Entertainment- lights and sound for Drowsy
      • We are the first theatrical production in Lincoln
  • The board is introduced
  • Jeri discusses the show, auditions, getting involved (marketing, crew, etc).
    • Rehearsals S-Th, 7-10, though not everyone will be called all that time.
    • All audition information is on the website
    • We need people in all positions! Crew, marketing, orchestra
    • Even if you aren’t able to be in the show this semester, we would still love your help!
  • Membership, signing the by-laws & operating procedures, and the ticket sales requirement are explained.
    • All members involved in the show must pay $100, for which they will receive 10 tickets to sell themselves, so that we ensure that we have an audience, and so that no one has to pay dues.
  • 2Click
    • Textbook purchases, regular purchases
    • We get a cut of those purchases, which is money being spent anyway
  • Donations/corporate sponsors
    • Info is available on our website
    • Looking into advance ticket sales for donors, as well as signed posters or playbills

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