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4/23/2012: First General Meeting


5:30pm – First General Meeting

  • Pizza first
  • Welcome, thank you for coming
  • Congrats on a very successful show
  • Address issue we’ve all been wondering about – what’s going on in the fall
  • Here are the facts:
    • IUB Musicals is now IUB Performing Arts
    • IUB is not doing a fall musical
  • As we’ve demonstrated this weekend, we love to perform
  • So, a group of us have created an RSO b/c that’s what we love to do
  • RSO – Registered Student Organization – funding and support from university as well as outside support from donors, business, corporations, etc.
    • Something we have not been able to do in the past
  • Our name is Illini Student Musicals
  • Introduce Board: TC and Kaps – Co Prez; JB – VP; EB – Sec; MC – Tres; JJ – Dir of Marketing; JH  – Pub Out Coord
  • Trust – as friends and colleagues in shows, a certain amount of trust and a bond forms between the cast and staff.
  • During circle time, we heard everyone speak about the community that we have created in our musical world. We want to keep this community alive and vital by putting on shows. But, in order to do that, we need to trust each other. We are going to be open with you. We want this organization to be driven by passion, creativity and ideas, things that cannot just come from a few people, but from everyone. This is an open forum, a safe space for ideas to listened to acted upon.
  • I know many of you have several questions such as: venue, money, set construction, costumes, etc. Let me try to answer some of these questions first.
  • Venue – had a meeting with Phil
    • Lincoln or Foellinger look like good options for us
    • Possibly two weekends- discuss on google group
  • Set Construction – short term: CUTC (discounted fee)
  • Costumes – CUTC, Parkland, high schools
  • Money – It’s what makes the world go around!
  1. Personal Donations
  2. Alumni Donations
  3. Corporate sponsorships
    1. Not something we’ve been able to do in the past. When a major business sponsors or underwrites the production.  This fee pays for the royalties, licensing fees, and venue. No limit to number of sponsors.
    2. This is how most community theaters survive
  4. Trade agreements/Advertisements
    1. Either material goods (costumes, percussion rental, etc) is traded for advertisement space, or they pay for ads
  • Producer – We have 2!
    • Mike Galloway, Managing Director of CUTC
    • Matthew Fear, Local Actor of Parkland, Station Theater, and CUTC
    • Their responsibilities will include helping us reach out into community, find sponsors, use personal connections
    • Mike has a great track record of money management, and has helped CUTC raise over $40,000 in sponsorship money in 3 year
  • Fundraising – we need to do a lot of it
    • – Michael Courtney found this – money management system like PayPal
    • – Jenny Jones found this – buying tickets online and donations!
    • Currently pursuing a 501(c)(3) non-for-profit status, which makes all donations that we get tax deductible.
    • Fundraising and Advertising are the two areas where we need to most ideas and help from you, in terms of selling the show. Here are the ideas that we have started to implement for the fall:
      • Performance on Quad Day
      • Performance/cookout for prospective new members during first week of classes
      • Black Tie Gala for local businesses – renting out a space, donated wine and cheese from the Corkscrew in Urbana, we give them a performance. Segue: What is this performance?
  • What is it? A week or so before classes start, we are going to invite you all to come down whenever you can/move down, and we are going to sing  and hang out all day. This will prepare us for the aforementioned performances. We will do group numbers, solos, mash-ups, megamixes (Footloose, Joseph, Xanadu, etc). If you sang a song for my class, you can sing that too! Basically, BROADWAY BOOTCAMP will be a nice way to start the year, bond as a family, and get back into singing. These performances are going to hook our potential sponsors.
    • These are some of the ideas that we’ve started to implement, but we want to hear your ideas. If you go on our website… [JB explains website]
  • And now, the biggest question that you are all probably wondering – what is our fall show?
    • One of the first things we did as a board was establish a mission statement that defines who we are as a group and what we want to do as a group artistically. Here is our mission statement:
    • ISM is an organization dedicated to the performance of musical theater on campus. Students will be able to gain experience in the administrative, technical, creative, and performance aspects of putting a musical together. By putting on a show once a semester, students will be able to get first-hand experience in the collaborative process and in all elements of musical theater. ISM will strive to put on performances of works that showcase our members’ talent, enthusiasm, creativity, and passion. With each show, we aim to challenge ourselves as artists as well as our audiences with performances of the highest artistic and professional caliber.
    • Our executive board felt that our highest priority in selecting our first show was that it meets our mission statement, in that we put on a show that not only would work well with our talent pool and our budget constraints, but also would be a show of the highest artistic quality. We believe that we have found this show, and we are proud to announce that, rights pending, our inaugural show will be THE DROWSY CHAPERONE.
    • Interviews for director and tech director will be Thursday, May 3rd from 1:00-3:00pm.
    • Interviews for all other positions will be Thursday, May 3rd from 5:00-9:00pm and Fri, May 4 if we need them.
    • Auditions will be in September.
  • Conclusion
    • We know change is difficult, hard, and unsettling – but we are 100% dedicated to this organization and to you, our community, to giving us an opportunity to create art that challenges and expands our minds.
    • It will be hard, it will be stressful, and it will take a lot of work on everyone’s part, but we know if we are all dedicated and use all of our connections and ideas, we will succeed.
    • This is where you come in. We want everyone to be as involved as they want to be, in whatever way or area you feel most comfortable with. You are our friends, roommates, partners in crime, and in order to be successful, we all need to be dedicated and invested in this organization. This is our organization. We just can’t do it alone! We want to hear your ideas and like a musical, we want this to be a collaborative effort. So please, feel free to fill out the Google Group or email us an idea.
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