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Meet Noah Karvelis

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Meet Noah Karvelis

Pit Director | ISM’s “The Rocky Horror Show”

Name: Noah Karvelis

Year: Sophomore

Major: Instrumental Music Education

Home Town: Rockford, IL

About Noah:

“Ever since I started playing drums in fifth grade, I have had a strong interest in music. As I grew older, this passion grew stronger. I developed a very strong interest in rock music of all kinds. All throughout middle and high school, I tried to learn as much about rock and roll as possible. I also developed a strong interest in the genres that influenced rock as well and learning the instruments used.  I have worked with bands and ensembles of various kinds and it is one of my true passions. I  also have a strong passion for education and am currently working on my Bachelor’s of Music Education degree. I am very excited and honored to be serving as the pit director for this production and am looking forward to working on such a fun score and musical.”


What is your favorite Broadway musical experience:

“In eighth grade, I went to see my then guitar teacher perform in a Godspell production. In our lessons afterwards, he broke down how a score is to be read and the role of a musician performing in a musical. It was my first experience of speaking with a professional musician on what is expected of a pit performer in a musical. This performance also opened my eyes to the fact that rock music can be utilized in a musical. I remember leaving with many of the songs stuck in my head and realizing a whole new world of what a musical could be.”


What do you expect to see out of people in the audition:

“ I’d like to see a performance that really captures my attention and interest. I’d like to see someone who captures the essence of the musical and that I can easily picture in the role. This musical is unlike almost any other that I have seen and it takes a very special type of performance from everyone involved. I want to see someone that I think could capture this and is willing to push the boundaries to give an excellent performance.”

Auditions are Monday January 20th and Tuesday January 21st.

For more information on auditions please click here.


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