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Meet Emily Sniegowski

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Meet Emily Sniegowski

Choreographer | ISM’s “The Rocky Horror Show”

Name: Emily Sniegowski

Year: Senior

Major: English (Secondary Education)

Home Town: New Lennox, IL

About Emily:

“Besides the obvious love for dance and theater, I am a huge nerd. I love Harry Potter, Sherlock, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, dark chocolate, YouTube, sparkles, old-fashioned things, blogging, Mumford & Sons, and owls. My dream future (because I can’t be Elsa from “Frozen”) is to be an English teacher or a school librarian in the Chicago area during the year (and choreograph the school musical!) and then dance at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in the summers. Because you really just can’t get any more nerdy than that.”


What is your favorite Broadway musical experience:

“In my senior year of high school I was Hattie in “Kiss Me, Kate,” and I got to be the lead dancer in “Too Darn Hot,” which is one of the best classic Broadway dance numbers ever. We had really tough choreography and it ended up being a super sexy, 8-minute long dance number in which I got to be thrown around by big strong men…the audience cheered for like a solid 30 seconds after the number.”


What do you expect to see out of people in the audition:

“ I expect to see people let go and get a little crazy. I do not expect to see precise technical dancers, but I do expect to see you put everything you have into it and not be afraid of looking “stupid.” I want to see people throw caution to the wind and embrace their inner Rocky Horror – to be daring, tenacious, and unique.”

Auditions are Monday January 20th and Tuesday January 21st.

For more information on auditions please click here.


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