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Meet Christopher Cayari

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Meet Christopher Cayari

Director | ISM’s “The Rocky Horror Show”

 Name: Christopher Cayari


Year: Graduate Student


Major: Music Education


Home Town: Chicago Ridge, IL

About Christopher:

“I have had a long history of passion for the theater. Ever since I was the valedictorian of my kindergarten class; I stood on stage with one hand raised and sang a solo about a butterfly! I am honored to have had the opportunity to have played such fantastic roles as Tom Collins (Rent), Audrey II (Little Shop), and William Barfeè (25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee). My favorite directing experiences include You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged! I am currently studying to be a college professor of music education, and I am an active author and presenter of research that has to do with how musicians are using YouTube to create innovative performances.”


What you are looking forward to in this production:

“It is exciting to bring theater into an informal venue within the Urbana-Champaign community. The venue we are pursuing this semester is intimate, exciting, and raw. The Rocky Horror Show is a great musical that challenges so many of the societal norms the keep us down. It is a show that allows those involved to let their hair down, belt out some awesome tunes, and engaging in some dirty dancing. It is sexy, sensual, and scandalous! Rocky Horror is in your face. It is fantasy. It is simultaneously sheer joy and utter terror. It will be a show that you will not forget; unless of course your “Unofficial” festivities affect your memory!”


What you want to bring to ISM and this Production:

“I bring over a decade of experience in working with students, both vocal and theatrical performance. I have taught theater, show choir, and private voice; the expertise and experience I bring to ISM will help guide the cast, staff, and crew to a phenomenal performance. I am a director who gets to know his cast and seeks to develop a sense of community. I will help those I work with take ownership of their performance and quietly fade into the background allowing everyone involved to shine like the rock stars they are.”


What is your vision of the Show:

“Illini Student Musicals is about to put on a stellar show that exudes passion, terror, confusion, and sexual tension. The Rocky Horror Show begs for the audience to join in and participate with the actors on stage. I will see my actors journey to new places; places within themselves that they had no idea existed. I see my staff and crew developing a support system that enhances the performance in meaningful ways. I see the ISM community reaching out to the community and campus by pulling them along for a night of theater, excitement, and debauchery.”

What do you expect to see out of people in the audition:

“I’m looking for someone who went through all the audition material and took it seriously. I’m looking for people who have really thought about the characters in the show and the one they want to be. I want people to come with a concept but one that can be molded and can evolve into what is best for the show. Don’t forget to smile.”

Auditions are Monday January 20th and Tuesday January 21st.

For more information about audtions please click here.


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