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ISM General Assembly Meeting

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ISM is pleased to announce it will be holding its first General Assembly Meeting on Monday September, 2nd from 7:00pm-8:00pm in Room 1201 of the Music Building. This meeting will cover all of the information that you need to know to audition and on the ways you can be involved with ISM this semester. 
This is an excellent opportunity to meet the The Board of Directors for ISM as well as the Director and Production Staff for The Wedding Singer. We highly encourage you to attend the meeting, however if this is impossible due to the holiday, we understand. ISM will send out a summary email of the meeting. Your absence will not count against you in your auditions. In addition auditions, we are still looking to fill several positions on our production staff and we are looking for stage crew members as well as orchestra members. All questions can be answered at the meeting on Monday, September 2, at 7:00pm or you can contact us at  We hope to see you there!


  1. Teresa Beckman says:

    My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing “Little Shop of Horrors” last year. Unfortunately, because of the parking situation, I don’t know if we will be able to attend anymore. He is disabled and has a hard time walking. Is there a way of coming up with a couple of disabled parking spaces next to the building or do you have any suggestions of where to park? We met another lady on the way out, that was in the same situation.
    Thank you,

    • ismtreasurer says:

      Ms. Beckman,

      Thank you for continuing to support Illini Student Musicals. It means a lot to us that you enjoyed the show. The Board of Directors of Illini Student Musicals has been discussing this situation and are currently working on a solution. We feel terrible that this situation occurred and will do our best to correct it. SOme Ideas we had considered were consulting with the Champaign/Campus Police Department and reserving some spaces directly outside of the building to make access to the theatre more accessible.

      We will continue to work on this and reach out to all of our patrons. I urge you to contact me directly to discuss it further or share any ideas that you may have as it is impossible for me to email you directly.

      MY name is Michael Courtney and I am the Treasurer for ISM as well as the Producer for “The Wedding Singer”

      My email is

      I look forward to hearing from you to correct this situation. Thank You for bringing it to my attention.

      Have a great week!
      Michael Courtney

      • Teresa Beckman says:

        Hello Michael,
        Thank you for your response about the parking situation. I noticed, when walking to the building, that there was a driveway on
        the side. There was a maintenance? vehicle parked there and it looked
        like that would be a good place for a few disabled parking spaces.
        Looking forward to seeing the Wedding Singer. Teresa

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